MMD provide high quality and reliable drilling services in Western Australia.
Being a long-standing contender within the drilling industry, MMD is able to offer safe, knowledgeable, cost-effective and innovative drilling programmes that exceed others. Our Team consists of Managing Directors, Operations, Coordinators, WHS Professionals, Supervisors/Training, Consultants, Maintenance, Field, Purchasing and Administration. With a diverse range of experience, you can be assured that your programme needs will be met at every level.


MMD began its operations in 1981

Mt Magnet Drilling Today


To be recognised as a longstanding business which applies best practice solutions in a dynamic domestic and global market. Develop mutual and sustainable relationships with a broad spectrum of clients nationally. MMD prides itself on developing a resilient workforce which can support incremental growth and sustain core operation. A resourceful drilling organisation that reliably meets and exceeds client requirements.


Maintain longevity and growth by reaching and maintaining OHS Standards ISO9001 HSEQ, implementing safety hazard, action; investigative reporting, team work through cooperation, knowledge and recognition, high minimum standards for training, health and competencies, sustain the adaptation and growth of the company in a changing marketplace, modernise the MMD fleet through new builds and yearly refurbishments.

Our Services

MMD’s services include: reverse circulation, diamond and geotechnical drilling. We achieve these services with dedicated diamond and RC rigs, multi-purpose rigs, track mounted and truck mounted rigs, a committed management team with a depth of resources to complete client requirements and low impact mud solutions for environmentally friendly projects. Our comprehensive integrated management system ensures your project is achieved safely, efficiently and with care for the environment.

Diamond Drilling

Diamond core drilling is the most informative and effective method of drilling used in exploration. Mt Magnet Drilling provide fully orientated, highest quality core samples through HQ, NQ and PQ sized drill bits.

Reverse Circulation Drilling

Reverse Circulation drilling produces small rock chips through a large rotary drill and air compressor. Mt Magnet Drilling’s rotary splitting and inline systems produce dry, perfect representative samples.

Geotechnical Drilling

Geotechnical drilling involves boring holes to take earth samples and gather data. Data from geotechnical drilling is used in the search for mineral deposits or other exploration projects. The samples are retrieved through large diameter coring/triple tubing with Mt Magnet Drilling specialising in maximum friable core recovery.

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Exploration Drill Rigs

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The MMD Team shares the same work ethic at every level. This quality ensures your programme needs are always met and dealt with efficiently.
Management & Operations

The Management & Operations team are involved in all levels of projects from facilitating contracts to programme planning, training, on field work, liaising with clients, therefore they take a hands on approach in every aspect of the business. This level of managerial involvement ensures an efficiently run programme.


Consisting of Supervisors, Senior Drillers, Drillers, Trainee Drillers, Senior Offsiders and Offsiders, our Field crew are the face of the company. This group of personnel run the programme outline and deliver high quality core or samples.


With extensive experience within the drilling industry, Maintenance has an expansive insight into the engineering, building, machining and maintenance of the drill rigs at Mt Magnet Drilling. The Maintenance Support Team orchestrates and completes the routine maintenance of all vehicles as well as coordinating the engineering and rebuilds of the MMD fleet.


This team is responsible for developing and ensuring currency and effectiveness of Mt Magnet Drilling’s safety and risk management policies, procedures and systems, contribute to health and safety related training and provides practical and professional health and safety advice and assistance to personnel nationwide.

Purchasing & Workshop

Purchasing team coordinates the weekly rig orders, continuously monitoring stock levels both in Perth and on the rigs, as well as handling the transport and logistics of all inwards and outwards goods. Liaising with the Field Team ensures the smooth running of any programme.


Administration liaises with clients from the initial quote stage to invoicing and progressing programme enquiries. Admin crew movements, rosters, travel arrangements and communications through all levels of MMD support.

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